Schiatti Class is a dynamic company in constant evolution, characterized by the entrepreneurial spirit of the owner, who has been able to develop the culture of the Quality in the every day work.

Since 1997 our company is Jaguar and Land Rover brands dealer in the areas of Reggio Emilia, Parma and Piacenza. Our goals are selling new cars, original spare parts and providing the highest level of assistance, paying always attention to costumer's demand.

The 10,000 square meters headquarters of Reggio Emilia is equipped with a great showroom, a private parking and all the facilities to provide all the services the customer requires.
In 2006 our company expands itself settling a branch in the city of Parma.

We are also focused on selling secondhand cars, SUVs, off-roads and commercial vehicles, which are selected carefully in order to offer guaranteed and certified products. We have got special offers for retailers and car packages for foreign buyers.

In our site in USED CARS section, you will find the car you are looking for, with features and technical data always updated. To make your purchasing easier, we offer you the possibility to finance the car through some agreements with the best credit companies.
Financial Services
Loans - Leasing - Insurance Risks
Credit protection

To make shopping easier we offer the customer the opportunity to finance the car through agreements with the best financial companies and to assure the risks:
Fire - Theft - Kasko - Vandalism - Atmospheric events
Every car that we sell undergoes a series of 165 controls on all major components such as:
Engine - Transmission - Electrical Systems - Body - Brakes

In this way we can certify the status of the machine used with precision and provide the customer many Km in tranquility.
Care details
A used car has to be presented as a new one. Nothing is left to chance.
Our internal body prepares to better the aesthetics eliminating any small defects while our beauty department washes the internal tapestry with environmentally friendly products on 99% of cars for sale.

Well ... clean bright and fragrant.
Finally it's time to bring home the car that you want, and so we will have to wait the maximum for this crucial time. We had the greatest care in the presentation of the car and control of the most important parts.
On board of your new car there with the required safety equipment, the certificate of compliance with the controls and the work performed on the vehicle together with the documents of transfer of ownership.

You'll make a judgment on this service in the section "About us".