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Every Jaguar and Land Rover car needs regular maintenance that contribute to the ..... maintenance of the 3-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. These actions will make it more than ever essential even after this term.

For this reason we believe we offer excellence in our Service, which, thanks to a team regularly trained and competent guarantees timely intervention and professional on your Jaguar or Land Rover car.
Tires Service
The proper tire maintenance is one of the key points to keep intact the quality of your cars ..... and ensure safety, comfort and fuel economy.

Thanks to agreements with the best suppliers in the area we can propose the replacement of tires summer and winter at very attractive prices in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.
Reload Climate
Summer is here and it's good to check on the efficiency of the air conditioner to ensure ..... ideal comfort inside your car.

Do not forget, however, that even in winter the plant serves to keep the windscreen free from fogging due to the temperature difference.
Car body work
Any car subjected to a more or less intensive use requires some intervention of ..... maintenance of the paint.
The stones kicked up by the cars ahead of us, inclement weather or other situations most important harm the aesthetics of the car.

Our bodywork is able to repair, with parts of the original course, any damage when the steering perfect condition.
For emergencies we have a tow truck for the recovery of the cars or commercial vehicles ..... up to 35 quintals.
In this way we can offer the customer and his car a reliable and punctual in emergency situations.

For the first 3 years of life of the car in case of need (*) call toll free 800 557 999 for Land Rover - 800 571 175 for Jaguar.
(*) The carriage is performed to the service closer to the event location.
Courtesy car
Upon reservation you can enjoy the service of Courtesy car that, with a small surcharge on ..... the intervention of maintenance, guarantees tranquility to continue your work in autonomy.

In the booking form you can select the "I want a courtesy car" and you will be contacted to confirm availability.
Marking Glass
With certified equipment we perform the permanent marking of the crystals IDENTITAG ..... The system IdentiTag is based on an electronic card and on three stickers with radiofrequency microchip, with all the information on the car. The supports are placed on the windshield in plain sight, to assure a function of deterrence, on the registration certificate: with a powerful adhesive, it is impossible to remove without damaging irreparably the booklet, making it unusable. Finally, the third adhesive is delivered to the car owner to apply it in a well-hidden (and only known to him) of the passenger.
Alarms Lojack
To further protect your investment recovery system LoJack offers 90% more likely to ..... recover the car quickly and with less damage. If your car is stolen, a small RF transmitter hidden inside the vehicle, in more than 30 possible locations, emits a signal that is received directly from police patrols tracking the vehicle by following the directions in real-time signal and I recovered very quickly. The strength of the signal transmitted by LoJack is able to go beyond the walls of reinforced concrete garages, steel containers and other places where thieves do could hide the car.
Recommended service intervals
Freelander 2
Discovery 4
Discovery 4 - 3.0 DV6
Range Rover Sport
Range Rover Sport - 3.0 DV6
Range Rover
24.000km/12 Months
24.000km/12 Months
26.000km/12 Months
24.000km/12 Months
26.000km/12 Months
24.000km/12 Months

Jaguar XF Diesel
Jaguar XF Unleaded fuel
Jaguar XJ Diesel
Jaguar XJ Unleaded fuel
Jaguar XK
Jaguar F-Type
26.000km/12 Months
24.000km/12 Months
26.000km/12 Months
24.000km/12 Months
24.000km/12 Months
24.000km/12 Months
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